ARD Program
The Do-It-Yourself DUI / DWI ARD Program.
We will guide you through the Pennsylvania ARD Program,
and defend your rights.
Get Your DUI criminal charges DISMISSED

- DUI Charges Dismissed!
- Inexpensive
- Avoid a DUI Trial
- Avoid Jail Time
- Avoid Large Fees
- DUI or DWI doesn't go on your record.

- If you are a First Time Offender or 10 years since your last charge.
- If you didn't have a child under 14 in the car.
- If nobody was seriously injured or killed.




The Pennsylvania ARD Program: The Best Solution

If you if you or someone you love or care about has been charged with Driving Under the Influence, referred to as Driving After Imbibing or DUI in Pennsylvania tell them about this opportunity.

ARD or Accelerated Rehabilitative Disposition is unique to Pennsylvania and is available for first time offenders or for second offenders if the first offense was more than ten years ago. The penalty for a first offense generally includes a minimum of two or three days in prison (depending on the offenders blood alcohol rate) plus fines, costs, Highway Safe Driving Classes, a Drug and Alcohol Evaluation and possible treatment and probation of 6 months or more and your driving privileges will be suspended for 12-months. ARD eliminates the prison sentence, shortens the license suspension and allows for the expungement (dismissal) of the criminal charges. The most obvious benefit of a dismissal of criminal charges is employment opportunities.


    Our attorneys will examine the Criminal Complaint filed against you along with the information that you provide to determine if there are any other viable alternative and to determine if you qualify for ARD. If no other alternatives are available and if you wish to enter the ARD program in your county our attorneys will guide you through the process and provide you with the following services.
  • The correct and completed ARD Application Form published by the District Attorney's Office in the county the offense occurred.
  • Complete and proper Court Forms required for the county in which you are charged with instructions concerning where and when the forms are to be sent or delivered.
  • Instructions on when and where you are to appear for Court Hearings.
  • Directions on what you are to bring to each hearing.
  • When and where you are to report to complete the CRN Evaluation, Drug and Alcohol Evaluation, drug and alcohol treatment if required, community service and probation.
  • When, where and how your fines and costs must be paid.
  • When your license will be suspended and for how long.
  • How to fulfill the requirements of PENNDOT how and where to recover your license timely.
  • A periodic letter instructing you of the time remaining to complete each requirement and the location of the agencies.
  • Additionally there will be support via the internet and/or a hot line.

Don't waste time, Pennsylvania DUI law only allows a limited amount of time for those charged with DUI's to get them dismissed and to enter the ARD program.

Don't do time and don't waste money,
apply to the ARD program right now.


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